Your lifestyle affects your self confidence


Jul 21, 2015
in terms of picking up girls and getting sex

First of all: Think who will be the better partner for the girl/who will make better impression on her

1st dude is watching sites about how his facial bone structure affects the chances of sleeping with a hot girl
Orders pills from internet to change his neurotransmitters
Is afraid of leaving home with that look but eventually he goes on a date
Reads guides how to be self confident

2nd one is the succesful guy. He knows he's intelligent, magnicifent, the best option for her.
His natural feature is: confidence. It comes from simply being better than everyone. He is the alpha male instead of acting as one.
The best way to increase your confidence is to close lookism and do something ambitious, creative. You were born in the same environment like everyone else. It's written in your subconsciousness that you're less worthy than others. Feeling like that people tend to blame the look. You were born average and you compete with average looking people, to became the slayer you need to be the most alpha from them, not just act as one basing on your face.