Jun 30, 2015
Google said:
A man offers $3,000 — after the waitress told him she had been served with an eviction notice earlier in the month.
(female)Bartender spends 10 YEARS sailing around the world after a generous benefactor gave her a yacht

too many boys like me and it's so confusing! - TeenHelp
Oct 16, 2011 - 4 posts - ‎4 authors
okay, so basically i moved to a new school for 6th form (year 12 and 13) and within like..the space of about 6 weeks, i have had 4 boys seem.
Guys Fall in Love With Me Waaay Too Quickly. What Can I Do To Slow Things Down?
Dear Evan,

This is a problem I’ve had ever since I can remember and I know I’m not alone. I tend to attract men who put me on a very high pedestal from which I eventually fall, very hard and very fast. I’m guessing this is because I have some attractive qualities (intelligence, exotic features), and because I fit into a few different categories, which makes it easy for some men to fantasize about me.

How pathetic is your life as a male nowadays, look at how female are being worshipped as if they are superior. Just lol at your worthless existence.


Aug 30, 2015
Girls Getting paid good money to post selfies if they are hot and have lots of folllowers on twitter/insta is a tough pill to swallow