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You will never have a romance conducted entirely, or even mostly, in real life

Oct 26, 2015
Everything will happen through facebook and various messaging services. If you're old fashioned, maybe some emails. 99% of your communication will be bland 2d text on a screen, lacking all of the colour and power of real-life communication (in before aspies can't detect changes of body language/face/voice/manner/timing anyway) and every single meeting will be planned in advance online with no spontaneity or excitement.

You'll find out everything about each other instantly through FB and then have no way of learning it all gradually and organically, which would have created a stronger bond and an idea of mystery about the person.

Dating sites in particular are utter trash and no woman you meet on there will ever get the feels she would from a man she met in real life. They're completely pointless for anything other than scummy fucks. If you didn't meet each other at a light social occasion or, ideally, through some completely chance encounter.

I myself have enjoyed several exquisite romances which began in real life and, with conscious effort on my part, stayed there as much as possible. E.g. don't add her on FB, don't get into conversations by email, keep messages brief and just about meeting up.

I suggest you watch the Titanic film to see what you're missing out on, plus to learn a thing or two about squint theory, artist game, and "be whatever she hasn't got at the moment" theory.