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you want none of this


Jul 17, 2015
piss me off and imma put murder in your fuckin family on my bucket list. i hate everyone, im not some happy ass hoe with a smile and handfuls of confetti son. you can eat shit, go lick a bunch of feet, eat a pound of spoiled meat and fuckin drink spit. i shot kennedy, i was sent back in time like reese from the terminator, remember me? i grab a pair of hooters, and start hummin as i hit the ground runnin like a fuckin parachuter. bitch fuck off, i pull a drive by shooting on the freeway whenever i get cut off. a drunk motherfucker, i pop a bottle of pills and drink a bottle thats chilled and then ill fuck your mother, until i bust a rubber. im like darkwing duck, i give a spark wing fuck i stay undercover.