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You have to forgive yourself and everyone else


Jul 6, 2015
You need to set some goals in life.

Make 5 categories. You are going to be listing your goals under these categories. The categories are: Short-Term Goals (<6 months), 1-year goals, 2-year goals, 5-year goals, and 10-year goals.

Your goals have to be measurable and must have a specific deadline by which you must accomplish them.

Before you go any further, write down the foreseen/expected result of accomplishing your goals. Eg- If your goal is to lose x pounds of weight by y date, write down how this will make you feel, how it will boost your confidence, how it will make you a better person, etc. Imagining the result will motivate you to complete your goal.

Make a plan of attack for each goal. If needed, decompose the goals into smaller goals with their own deadlines.

For each goal, determine the requirements (resources, help, etc.), and integrate that into your plan of attack.

For each goal, figure out what you are willing to do. This, and only this, should be in your plan of attack. Don't put anything unrealistic in your plan of attack. For example- if you aren't honestly and realistically willing to work-out 2 hours a day, 7 days a week to lose x pounds by y date, don't make it part of your action plan.