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Would you fuck your relatives if they were attractive?


Jun 29, 2015
If this was me coming down for family dinner (note: I live primarily in a basement but let's go with this hypothetical), I'd fuck the woman in the red and white santa outfit and the young woman in the black. I'd probably also be open to fucking the middle-aged woman on the left side in the navy blue (she's probably the aunt) next to the young woman in the black.

Or maybe not.. I've only ever had a sexual attraction to a first cousin and maybe another first cousin I saw a few times when I was young and a more distant cousin I met like once (either second cousin or first cousin once removed. Something like that). Genetic sexual attraction is very rare. Though cousin attraction is not uncommon apparently. And it looks like the chick in the red and/or the young woman in the black might be cousins of the incel coming down for family dinner.

The old man in the back looks like a fucking boss/pimp though. It looks like they are in a fucking dungeon. I've always had a soft spot for that kind of architecture.