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Would you do this for all the women, money, power, in the world?


Jul 11, 2015
You are in your basement one day when your Mom knocks on the door. "What?!?" you yell as you are browsing the internet for some fap material. The door then opens fast and you hear footsteps, you look up and see a BBC standing at your bed. It's Big Man Tyrone.

"Incel! I have a deal. I can grant you all the women you want, all the money you will need, and all the power as well. But! You must do one thing for me...

"Y...yes, anything for a cure."

"You must star in my new movie, Poor Little White Guy" 

So what do you do? Do you star as the poor little white guy in exchange for endless supply of JB, status, and all the fun in the world?