Women want love -> LTR Fuel

Nov 2, 2016
But that, and only that.  Women just want to be loved, they don't care by who necessarily, they just want to be loved and feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet.  

If you are subhuman and you love a woman she will have you around if you make her feel like she's the most beautiful woman in the world, and it also helps to beta provide aka run money game. 

This is why women hate it when their partners cheat (because usually women can't date chads they settle for subhumans), because cheating awares the women that they are not elite prime females because the men cheated.  The reality is, if a chad cheats she'll ofc get upset that she's subhuman waste but she'll still do whatever she can to keep the man because the male is elite genetics and she needs him desperately.

Blue pilled men don't understand that women just want love and validation, women don't want romance, because romance works both ways and women do not validate or love subhuman men.  Being romantic with a woman only makes you a slave in her LTR... 

That's why if you do a good enough job in validating her and making her feel like a queen she'll ignore you or be more calloused to you, because she already getting the ego/attention she needs... watch how quickly she loses her shit and loses her self esteem when the beta provider stops validating her.  The beta provider was never loved, she only chased him when he stopped validating her because she desperately needed to feel beautiful because she knows she's not.