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Women Have God Status in the West


Lookism God
Oct 28, 2015
Feminist since the 1960's have risen the status of women in the west to god status.
- They are worshipped daily Online and IRL by millions of manginas and white knights.
- Given lower prison sentences for the same crime.
- Have affirmative action and Women only scholarship to get into Uni and Jobs.
- Beaten males back in Uni and Jobs and wages.
- Have tons of Cosmetics to looksmax in 30 minutes.
- Have tons of men to choose from. 
- Can get sex and relationships without blinking an eye.
- Tons of positive validation and feedback.
- Tons of women and male friends to lend help with their career, education, emotional and social support.
- Can say a male beat or rape her and the authorities will take her word as gospel.
- Can do what she pleases and society will always cuddle her and forgive her.
- Have the choice to work in an approved job, sell her body or get some man to take care of her. All males except trust fund men have to work as slaves with no help from anyone. 
- Can have bastard kids from different men and the govern will help her raise them.
- Can be ugly and fat and still have tons of options for sex and marriage and relationships
- Overconfident from all the positive validation they receive.
- Males need to impress them and seek their approval by working hard in the gym, getting degrees, money, work on their swag, women just need a vagina and dont even try to impress anyone (maybe only chad). 

Literally born with a vagina = Winning in the world today.