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Women are just purely incapable of the same type of love men feel


Jul 6, 2015
A woman's love and sexual attraction are a measure of how useful the man is to her. Its a subconscious process she is not aware of and doesn't have any control over. You may have heard of 'Briffault's Law' which is a law of nature which basically says that the female only gives the male her affection and sexual access as long as he is providing her some other benefits, such as $$$, social status, protection, etc. And if these benefits cease to be provided, she no longer values them, or finds a more valuable man, physical and physiological attraction ceases. Again, this is because women are primitive animals, its not their fault, all their actions are driven by deep subconscious emotional process. Women do not think logically, while they may be capable of it, muh feelings override.

I learned how easy it is for the right type of Alpha Chad to get loyal wives and girlfriends to cheat on their husband at the drop of a hat. Finding a woman thats not vulnerable to manipulation by smooth talking 'naturals' is like trying to find a pin in a football field.

The point is that females are simply to chaotic too ever trust because their ENTIRE reality is muh feelings, and their feelings can change any moment like the wind; dealing with women is literally like having to wade through and emotional shit storm. No, I don't want to 'man up' and handle the challenge, where everything is a mind game, you can't get mad at her or tame the wild beast, but have to just 'be masculine' and let her wildcrazysexy feminine bitchiness run wild and free, etc.

The obvious problem is that women have been given too much power, practically all of it. And it is men that are the enforcers actually; its not women you fear, but other men. Women know they can ruin you by making some false accusation or manipulating other men to act on her behalf, and by and large, men still think of women as these special princesses that can do no wrong, its even ingrained in their biology to believe this unless they've been redpilled.

The bottom line: All women are capable of lying, cheating, manipulating, turning from perfect qt3.14 to psychobitchmode etc. at the drop of a hat simply because muh feelings. And the system is biased towards females against males, women can do no wrong, men are always aggressors and rapists . Its simply a lost cause, we aren't going back to times when society made 'manning up' worth it. Women may need men to complete them, but we certainly don't need women.