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Why ethniks should thank whites for cucking their wimmenz (no SF-cel)

Legit Theory

The Meta
Dec 4, 2015
Was inspired to make this thread because of someone making a thread about black women being 90% single mothers.  as it turns out black women overwhelmingly prefer their own men and have the lowest out-dating rates.  surely a fine ass nigress could date a beta white provider just like the rest of the ethnik women? (even indian women can do it, and they are legit the ugliest women) why do they not date out?


this is a product of black women preferring black men and sticking inside race for dating and marrying.  black men are low iq and only know sex, thrill and thuglyfe.  they just pump and dump black women.   im only talking average and this is not a racist post, but a legit unbiased observation.  this is the reason why the black race isnt ascending.  if whites cucked blacks like they do asians and latinos, that would elevate ghettos out of poverty, get rid of the curse of being black (low iq, monkey lips, violent behavior) just like how white genes cure asians and hispanics of their manletism, childish bodies, 2D flat round heads and brownish yellow shitskin and compacted narrow faces.  of course blacks dont have none of these problems but they are still ugly and primitive at their core and could gain from white iq, empathy and hair genetics

If you want to see your race ascend as an ethnik, let as many WASPs impregnant your women and give them the white slayer genes

INB4 the "b-b-but the best looking ethnik women will never touch a white pasty! cope"