who Cares about lifting when your proportions are off


Jun 30, 2015
you need a short v tapered torso,long limbs and broad clavicles to ever look good with a good physique.being lean and toned is way better than being a bloated short arms faggot  like most bodybuilders.

like everything in life,a god body is genetic   . Sahelian blacks,maori warriors,native americans ,Hawaaians etc are just predisposed to a athletic and aesthetic physique without ever working out.you gonna tell me some stocky fuck will look aesthetic with bodybuilding?  or what about some lanky somali  ?  some people simpely cannot look good ever.they steroid it up like no tommorow  and  they still look like shit with sloped shoulders and a blocky hip area   .

guys cmon,Im not putting down physichal fitness,but alot of people are simpely born with the bodies you guys pump day in and out for   .  your genetics are subhuman due to thousands of years of domesticated lifestyles and horrible foods but thats for another time to discuss  .  your trying to cheat nature,when nature is punishing you  thats why you have to work out to look good anyway.yout hink some dinka Tribesman works out?look them up on google,fucking 15 yr old kids with better bodies than guys who have been training and posting on Misc for years  lmao