When in debt to Daddy:

Dec 26, 2018
“When we started dating, my wife was still in debt to Daddy Long Legs. So I went to see Long Legs and I raised my eyebrows and said: ‘Why do we have to pay you back?’ And he said: ‘You can call me Daddy.’ So I said: ‘Daddy we’re running very low on debt-repaying fluid right now. You have to be patient.’ Then he got real serious. He said: ‘You have exactly two weeks to pay Daddy his due-- or interesting things will happen to you.’ So we got smart. My wife gave me directions to Google Maps, and with a little detective work, turned up a route that took us all the way to the dark web. Three days later Daddy slips in the shower-- never to be heard from again. A freak accident. An act of God. Call it what you will. My wife and I married later that year.”