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When I used to teach PUA, it hurt me deeply lying to men about looks

Legit Theory

Dec 4, 2015
My plan was to start my own pickup business that doubled as a looksmaxing service (this was back in 2012ish when RSD was first starting to make headlines in the pickup community) I really wanted to help these guys get laid

One thing led to another and I found myself employed with another company. Like the RSDfags, these guys willingly lied to men about their appearance, I remember building up a personal rapport with one of my "students", he was a nice kid, we've kept in touch. Though it was against policy I told him to lose weight, and that women didn't like

This was absurd, nowadays most pickup gurus tell you to lift weights or at the least, dress well and be well put together, back 4-5 years ago people were bluepilled enough

Now I'm not some omega redpiller who thinks looks are everything or some bluepilled RSDfag who thinks you can get instagram models if you're an ugly inbred gookcel