what worked for me back in 2011 doing pickup


Jul 1, 2016
was the mindset of putting women on a pedestal
not having an ego
and approaching to supplicate and seduce women
and not being around any negativity

the problem thats currently trapping me is that a persons state of mind is either dopamine boosted or based on what your emotional environment is like

i come to this site because i have no social circle

majority of people here have this toxic "please kill me" negativity and they try to spread it to other people

what they really should do is just kill themselves and leave all the people that want to live to work out their problems

you are five people you hangout with the most

and this site definitely ruined me since 2014

im slowly working my way out

ive had breaks 6 times where i met girls from online and they resupplied me with optimism and the dopamine rush you can only get from putting your dick inside of a horny womans pussy but its been since march this year that ive experienced that

i spent too much time working out and wasting my energy there
now im going workout less so my brain can allocate the energy to sarging

between 2011-2014 i didnt workout at all and all my energy was devoted to sarging

notice i say i felt better not posting on sites like this

this place hinders you