Looksmax What is your vitamin/supplement stack?


Dec 4, 2017
I have been experimenting hard over the last 2 years. People differ in hormone profiles, diet, and lifestyle. There is no magic universal stack for every one. Saying that here is my stack and results:

-Vitamin C: I tired mega dosing 2,000mgc/ day for 2 months in winter and it started to give me small freckles so i reduced to 500mcg
-Fin: 2.5mg/day prevent hair loss and it makes me look younger. Luckily no problematic sides
-Magnesium: 100mcg keeps focus and muscular function
-Zinc: 50mcg keeps focus and havent had a cold since i started taking 1 year ago, i typically get 2 colds a year.
-Vit A; 10,000 IU vit A is a more refined beta carotene, good for skin
-Biotin: 10,000mcg mega dose for crazy hair and nail growth
-Iron: 28mg good for hair growth and skin + other benifits
-Collagen powder: 10g/day mixed in with my protein shake. makes skin look fuller and more youthful. I only notice it when i stop taking it.
-A good multivitamin:I switched from a brand name tasty one with minimal vitamins to a gross tasting one with a huge range of micro nutrients. I dont notice any difference when taking it or not but why not.

Stopped taking
-L-arginine: increases blood flow to skin and muscles. Works well but can increase test a small amount.
-Creatine: increases test, linked loosely to hair loss and im already high T so dont want to pump it higher.

Im interested to see what others are taking and any results they notice?
Jul 28, 2020
I know this is gonna be an absolutely stupid question but
Is there a way I could lethally mix vitamins and stuff? I wanna start chugging on some vitamins but I'm afraid I might do some retarded move and will end up dead



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May 1, 2019
lemme slide in your aspie looksmax threads

so here's what my routine is

* I used to take centrum a while ago but it seems I've been forgetting hard, gotta go take it tbh

* takin' 'em Zinc to cum more, and maybe to increase test which im not sure it does but i do indeed cannot care less if it does or doesn't, my jordan barret son


* that's it tbh ngl

* not really, I go hard on supplementing food and all the different kinds of edibles now that I've got plenty of that. Indeed food is everything, truly