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What is your opinion on CoAlpha Forum and caamib blog?


Feb 3, 2016
In case you do not know them...



I was reading incel blogs for about 3 years i believe.

I started with raeding about love-shyness and then about incels and then I started with PUA... after that i think i took a little brake and concentrate on much porn.

then i stumbled on reddit TheRedPill, which was pretty good compared to pua advice and feminist dating sites.

than i stumbled on caamib i think, actually i raed about his coalpha idea which i found AMAZING then. I still think his theories explain pretty good some things about historical traditional societies and human nature.

and for a few months i am browsing sluthate and lookism

In between, i spent a little tie on r/european and r/whiterights. ...  stormfront.

I believe also stormfront contains some true about human nature and genetic differences between different people and races.

Some races are better to live in different soceities. I believe white societies were beter when they were more egalitarian from a dating point of view. People were more happy with their life.,

However in the middle east the society was more alpha-prone-> more wives, more fighting. This differences also may come from genetic diferences between humans and peoples.