What caused sluthate to experience 9/11


Jun 29, 2015
I did not DDoS the forum. I have never actually carried out a DDoS attack. I have looked through a tutorial on how to do it. It doesn't look hard to do IF YOU HAVE THE EQUIPMENT. You have to ping the server's IP with 14-50KB of data, instead of the default 32 bytes (lol), every few hundred milliseconds. And you need to open up a ton of windows to do this multiple times simultaneously on one computer. You need a decent computer to do this. My ultrabook is like 3 years old. It might not even be good enough to do this. And my laptop might actually shut-off or catch fire if I tried to do something like this. I don't own any desktops. AND you're going to need like 5-7 decent computers probably doing all this simultaneously in order to take down a server like sluthate's. I don't own 5-7 computers. lol

I think it was another disgruntled ex-sluthater who used me as a shield. Or a renegade kiwifarmer (********* has no interest in taking down sluthate. But there may be users who have gone rogue).