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What are women going to do once all of the white Chads are gone?


Jun 29, 2015
66% of the world is made up of Indians and Asians, so that means that 33% of the world's population is made up of currycels and Asiancels, then there are BBCs who make up another 10%, and Arabcels that are another 10%, then Mexicans to round it out to about 93%.

So even if AzN women all marry white Chads, there will still be ~600 million Azn women left who will in turn fuck that half-Asian-cels like me. Then the world will gradually become more and more Asian and Indian.

But eventually there will be no more white Chads at all, will it be like an elite thing where Chads have massive harems? Or will the ethnic men just simply kill them all? Then what will hypergamous ethnic women do after that? Who will they fuck? Gorillas?