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We're all paying for grandad's stupidy SRS full explanation(GTFIH


Jul 7, 2015
Just like the inflation in the financial market the SMV market value of the average beta male has declined . The dollar today worth's about 13 times less than it's value in 1930. Our parents and grand parents thought it's a good idea to print more money to afford a better life style for themselves at the expense of the proceeding generations.
see proof:

So it it is with pussy. Our grand and gran granadads thought it's a good idea to emancipate women.
To give them some slack, because it made them more happy and more sexually initiative with them.
Little did they know this gonna snowball and progress to such catastrophic proportions. Where their grand children will have to memorize techniques and lines just to get a chance to hit some half decent pussy. Because the emancipation of women brought the worse traits of female nature to the surface. Consequently, now we have the most degenerate, vile, fat and disgusting women the world have ever known, who still think the're hot shit.
So..When you see a old man ranting and bitching about his shit pension fucked life, giving you the "when I was in your age.." speech, you have every right to straight bitch slap him and tell him! "You ain't shit old man! you have nothing now because during your life time you've created no value. Because of people of your generation people my age have become debt slaves with no prospects in life. And because of your horrible social policies towards women we can't even drown our sorrow with some pussy."
This is just mind blowing what we have to put up with.
We're barely getting scraps of what we deserve and could have get if our western ancestors were responsible enough and knew their shit.
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