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went out dressed as ghostface from scream, made out


Nov 20, 2015
its carnival time in my town and there was big masked party at one of the local clubs. i ve been there couple of times both alone and with classmates but never got any IOIs or any contact with female. last night i decided to go but dressed as ghostface killer from scream, i even bought plastic butcher knife. walked through city at night only with lower part without mask and when i got there i put mask on and hid butcher knife under the cape, i entered and immediately lot of people looked in my direction. i than "accidentaly" dropped knife on the floor and picked it up in a same way ghostface from movie would do it, i swiftly picked it up, hid it under cape and started whistling while walking forwards, everyone started laughing.

through the night i was joking around like im trying to murder some people in toilet and in the hall. i entered female bathroom and  sneaked while crouching behind some slut that was putting on make up in front of mirror, when i was behind her i stood up with butcher knife behind her like im gonna kill her, she saw me in the mirror and almost shit herself but when i put knife at her neck she realized its plastic and started laughing and tapped me on the shoulder. later that night i was drinking beer and randomly dancing when some slut approached me and started touching me, telling me how strong my arms are (i lift almost every day) and we started making out while my mask was still on, she just pulled it a bit up so we can kiss. i than went home, this was most female interaction i ever got and it was only because i was masked as killer and also because of my pumped up arms.

gymcelling + wearing mask of serial killer = sluts get horny

this is what i wore