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Ways to increase your Sex Appeal/Slaying Ability


Jul 19, 2015
Ways to increase your Sex Appeal/Slaying Ability

Lately I've decided that rather than whinging about how girls don't like me when I act as my usual self I would instead fake it until I make it so that I can fuck sloots to get a dopamine release while abandoning my bs morals

Here's a few things I've come up with, please post your own

Edit: Being rich and goodlooking goes without saying fellas, I am talking about factors that are easier to change

Either Jump on the bandwagon and go with what's popular or find your niche and stand out for the right reasons
I see a fuckload of guys with below average faces tricking girls into thinking they are attractive by going for the generic in style look: mushroom/iced gem haircut, tight trackies, colourful, summery, tight fitting t-shirt, trainers. By copying this style it takes them out of the below average normalfag category and throws them into the typical "cool kid" category. 
Another style is tats, beard, slicked back hair and piercings. I've also seen quite a few guys get action by taking this route. Women are sheep so when something is deemed to be attractive they will then percieve anyone who has the same style as being more attractive

When I started going clubbing I wore colorful chinos and a baggy sweater(usually with a pic of a female on it) and had a diamond earring and looked like a huge faggot and would get guys trying to start fights with me but whenever I approached a girl they would comment on what I was wearing and it would break the ice. Unfortunately I mainly got makeouts and bringing girls home was a rarity so I switched my focus to "sick body game" and started wearing tight t-shirts but I was too skinny to pull this off and I lost my twinky approachable look and just looked like a tryhard

If you want to stand out you have to find a certain style that nobody else has, take inspiration from different sources and add them together but make sure it works
Or you could join a could join a group such as emos etc and try slay emo girls as they will find an average emo guy more attractive that a normal girl finds a normal guy

Be surrounded by a group with similar interests
Like it or not girls find popular guys to be a turn on. They like guys who are always in groups with other attractive guys. I remember in a club I met a friend of a guy who I was living next to in college, he was slayer tier and when we went onto the dancefloor he was a sloot magnet, he had a girlfriend so he couldn't do anything and I was picking up the scraps of the girls he had brushed off even though 10 minutes earlier I was on my own for a bit and there were no girls who seemed interested in me.

Girls rarely travel in groups of more than 2 or 3 so being in a huge group of guys is a bad idea because you're just gonna have all of the tryhard faggots competing for the girls attention
If you're at the park for example with about 2 or 3 mates you are more likely to be able to break the ice with sloots coz you are talking to each other as a group rather than singling one girl out which would make it obvious of what your intentions are

If you want to go somewhere by yourself this can be done also but make sure you're being social as fuck, you'll most likely need to take some drugs but it's better to go by yourself than with shitcunts that will hold you back because on your own you'll have to get out of your comfort zone and socialize and people will generally be willing to talk to you. If you go with a shitcunt he's just gonna complain the entire time, bitch about everyone he see's but wont socialize coz he has you to talk to while ye stand in the corner

Get status and let sloots know you have a life

This can pretty much all be done online just by being one of those kunts who takes photos everywhere interesting they go and post it online and get a good following. Too tired to say any more about it