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Want Prime JBs? An ode to Ariel Castro


Apr 2, 2018
mrz said:
Not surprising at all, it's very common for males who get into positions of dictator tier power to have harems of JBs that they rape. Apparently when you are dictator of the country you stop caring that real men like 30+ year old single mothers. This happens again and again, and it isn't at all surprising, when males have total power they reveal the true nature of man, which is to rape numerous prime females.

edit: I guess I should wait for it to load before confusing Raul Castro with Ariel Castro.

Yep......If any man became ruler of his own country, he'd have harems of JB and barely legals. 44 year old spinsters with good conversation skills need not apply.

In related news, 50 year old R. Kelly has a harem of young women. The oldest woman in his sex cult was 33 years old. The majority of girls were mid teens to early 20's. He lives every mans dream.