Validation from females is the only reason to live


Jul 9, 2015
Nothing else matter. After having had sex I can tell can't even come close. 

Validation from females is everything and make me high as fuck everytime. It never fails to put me in a positive mood. 

And the funny thing is that you need it everyday....I mean a girl can validate me telling me she wants to come over to "netflix and chill" and I feel high as fuck for the entire afternoon but then it fades and I need more validation because I return to my default state. I just crave it. 

Now I know why women keep around orbiters they don't fuck. They crave their validations, they absolutely love it. That's why sometimes they withdraw sex. Sex is less stimulating for them than validation and once you give them validation unless they're very attracted to you it's done. 

You need to be very careful on giving validations to women