Validation adaption/validation treadmill is legit

Dec 5, 2015
A few months ago I was vacationing and same-day-laying a new girl every day. I wasn't happy unless the girl I was talking to would accompany me to my hostel within 30 mins of meeting her. I would approach and ditch girls, even the 'maybe' girls until I would find one compliant-enough. Only when I met a girl I pulled would I feel validated.

I haven't even held hands since then. I have taken to walking around my city with a tank top and watching girls check me out through my sunglasses. The stares are real, hoodie = no stares, tank top with shoulders and serratus exposed = near-constant stares.

Throwing a girl onto a bed and taking her clothes off used to make me feel validated, now just having a girl LOOK at me makes me feel the same. Fucking shut it down.

It's all about not feeling good until you get anal.