Update on my blepharochalasis ''battle''

Dec 4, 2015
I found out a new peptide that can increase collagen oproduction in your own dermis by using hydrolized fish .


theres also a new treatment only about 85 euros give or take depending on location,that can inject elastin in your skin by warming your skin and injecting a synthetic form of this compound invented by a military doctor in the United states

the only thing Id realisticalyl do in the  mean time is to wait and use the doxycyline to inhibit any enzymes wich eat my collagen and elastin in the first place ,Ive been missing my doxycyline takes by about 2 weeks for now,so Id have to find a methodm to ingest it wich is palatable but also doesnt antagonize its effectiveness(for example,if it binds with calcium its ineffective,if it binds wich vit c it also useless in  thr body)so theres few liquids you can take the powder with without vomitting,so imt hinking sugar water maybe   ?
I also found a new diuretic called fusomide wich is way stronger thn acetazolamide wich is a weak diuretic actually, Ive noticed the more I take this medicine the effectiveness goes away,so I really have to take another pill.