turned my ex into a desperate sloot


Jan 26, 2016
We were together for 5 months and towards the 3rd month she started wanting sex alot less. She sropped initiating and she would barely touch me. She would be so quick to blame it all on anything possible. Pms, cramps, depression, tiredness, stress, anxiety so after 2 months of this  I realized that I was slowly turning into a cuck. I'd always been the Chad. I was always the 6 pack big dik Chad with a high sex drive and there I was in a cuck battle with a boring prude.Id become an Incel!

One day during her period I just dissapeared. It was a usual weekday where she wouldnt say hello till after work unlike in the beginning when she would say good morning at 7am every day. Her after work hello was an hour late. I didnt reply. It was only one message. She was over me already because I got only one message. It showed how her interest was so low. About 4 days later I got a "hello???". Didnt reply.Then a few days later she sent "are you mad?". No reply. There was nothing sexual left in me. Id already been phucking 2 different women and reclaimed my sex life. Crickets chirped for weeks.

Suddenly one night I get a random text from an unknown number "i wanna swallow you". I had no idea who it was but I was excited to find out. she told me and at first I hesitated. Then I responded "oh ya?". She came right over and gave me a wild invigorating slooty sloppy bj. It was like a porno. She swallowed too. Then I told her she had to go. The next day she sends "good morning hunny" to no reply. I erased her number. Then a week or so layer I get a message "can i come over Im so horny". I said sure cause i knew it was her. She let me do everything dirty including anal and I cummed in her hair. This was a classy catholic woman who 2 months prior was depressed and not interested in anything to do with sex. So it made it all super sexy.

Last nite she came over again and she swallowed me moments after I was in her butt. I called her a sloot last nite and she said "im a sloot im your sloot". 

The point of all of this is that if you get clingy with todays independant woman you become a sexless incel rotting animal. You have to show women that you can live without them. Thats what makes todays women horny.


Dec 31, 2015
fuck you, if you think we are going to read all of that.