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troll psychologist PSYCHOLOGYMOG 2016


Sep 28, 2015
so your wife has cheated on you?
well maybe she was just feeling alone and unloved? did you devote her enough of your time? did you care for her

>incel rage

but you really got to think about it, try to put yourself in her place
try to be empathetic

>incel rage intensifies

maybe she was just feeling deeply unhappy you cant judge her
do you think she had no reason to do so?

>incel rage reaches enormous size

please be calm, no reason to be overly emotional here
it happpened you have to accept it
the past is the past for a reason it's all in your hands now

>incel pain intensifies

maybe she felt like she deserved sommething better?
the fault does not lie exclusively with her, remember that

he's not even able to punch you at this point
he's too weak he got fucking psychologistMOGGED
psychology is just trolling taken to the next level