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Tretinoin skin product (super cheap with an online pharmacy)


Jul 2, 2015
A .05% tretinoin product called Atralin can be prescribed to you via a dermatologist (find a derm with high ratings on healthgrades.com).  As long as you have insurance, you can get Atralin through philidor pharmacy services.  It delivers to your door, but most of all, you pay $35 once and it is delivered to you for free for every month after that (so far this has happened to me since they have some sort of discount service).

I recommend calling philidor first, to make sure they offer this service for your insurance, then get your prescription and send them a picture of your prescription via text message (IIRC they will explain to you how to do this when you call them)

their website (they are a legit legal pharmacy despite of a weak website, if you cannot contact them, pm me):


Why do I use tretinoin?

-Prevents acne breakouts
-Acne scars heal up
-Skin heals up faster after popping a whitehead/blackhead
-Prevents wrinkles
-super cheap, each tube lasts at least a year

Atralin is a preferred brand by most derms since it contains a photostabilizer, according to some online sources as well as the derms i have talked to.