Theory top 5 looksmaxxing mistakes (in my opinion)


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Jun 18, 2020
most of it is common sense

1. overthinking / mental masturbation / just talking no actions

obviously you should inform yourself a bit before getting a procedure to prevent results like this
but mostly people here tend to overthink things. as a general thumb rule: reading and educating yourself about surgical options and understanding basics of male aesthetics shouldnt take you more then 4 weeks. just read all the threads in the faq and you should be fine.

2. choosing a cosmetic surgery out of comfort but not out of necessity

so im currently reading this meme book "thinking, fast and slow" from daniel kahneman - i know i know cringe.

anyways there is an interesting part i stumbled over which talks about intuitive heuristics:

" “This is the essence of intuitive heuristics: when faced with a difficult question, we often answer an easier one instead, usually without noticing the substitution,” says Kahneman. "

even though you cant transfer this 1 to 1 it reminded me of something that i read here very much. people who - for example - would actually need jaw surgery realise it often comes with a long time of pretreatment/aftertreatment and costs. but they dont want this endurances. so they start bargaining. looking for procedures which are less expensives, less invasive, shorter. suddently start to think about their ears, the upper eyelids when the big elephant in the room is their maxilla. simply because the eyes and the upper eyelids are more easy to fix. and even though this attitude is good for many things it isnt good for facial aesthetics. when it comes to your face you cant really make compromises. its a very precise business. surgeries that dont exactly adress and solve the problem but rather focusing on camouflaging it often dont lead to good results. in fact they can make you look off and even worse. so if you want to get a cosmetic procedure and your not motivated by pure aesthetic gainz but also other factors like money or time, think again. if you ever catch yourself thinking "its not xxx but AT LEAST its improving me a bit or i do something" think again. in many cases you will save yourself some disappointment here.

3. avoiding risks and false assessment of risks

if you focuse too much on what you can possible lose instead of what you can possible gain you wont come far in life in general and in looksmaxxing particular. you cant stay always in your comfort zone. every decision comes with a consequences. even if that decision is to do nothing. from an evolutionary viewpoint where every small accident like a broken leg could lead to death risk avoidance was somehow legit but since then the world has evolved. today the final consequences of total risk avoidance is rotting your in basement living from welfare money. you will survive but you wont truly life.

connected to this is the false assesment of risks particular the over- and underestimation of risks.

on the hand risks get overblown. finasteride - for example . which for most people has no serious side effects - and if - then they disappear in 99% of cases after discontinuing the drug gets harshyl critizised by many. in reality only a very small minority can get seriously fucked up but this normal for every drug including medication like ibuprofen, paracetamol and all supplements outthere. some people discredit every study that shows finasteride is no particular dangerous (paid by pharmacy jews) but take poor made studies and every anonymous internet report as valid as long as its report horrible side effects in high and persistent numbers.

on the other hand the risk of smoking, sedative lifestyle, fast food, sitting in front of a smartphone/desktop for almost the WHOLE DAY are understimated. stuff like benzos, ssri are taken without any second thoughts.

or another point: yes there are short term risks with getting jaw surgery but what about the longterm risks of being ugly? it sounds silly but its something you have to think about. maybe not risking jaw surgery can be actually more risky then to go through with it.

4. working on your strengths instead of your weaknesses

the beautiful face is an average face meaning it has average proportions and features. some people think they can equal failures out by enhancing certain features that are already quite strong in them or at least average. this wont work. always concentrate on things in your face that are below average looking. 0 + 0 = 0 is better then -1 + 1 = 0

5. obsessing over little details and too much strive for perfection

1. know how and when to stop.
2. dont obsess over small details nobody but you (and some other aspies here) care about.