today on the train

Jun 29, 2015
a scrawny tatted up white guy was asking to use people's phones on the subway. he only was asking black guys though. the first guy he asks has dreads and is singing chants outloud to himself. he said no. he says "please man. in this backpack is everything I have" the guy says no again. he asks a black guy in an Italian suit with a briefcase and designer shades. theguy lets him use his phone and he calls in for a ride to what is 100% obiously picking up smack. the guy he's talking to is apparently teling him to fuck off but after a while aggrees to drive him. he gives the phone back and few minutes later asks to use it again. the guy says no this time LOL then him and his scrawny black friend get off where they planned to meet the guy. I get off at the last stop same as the rasta kid and the business nigga