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Tinder is a better way to rate than this forum


Nov 21, 2015
iftsj said:
Lel said:
yourself said that you were sending repetitive aspie messages and fucked up

average dudes are simply invisible they don't even troll them unless they want status upgrade. Your goofy responses in combination with basment pics failoed you hard.

if your looks were your problem then 90% of males would be incel as well you mong.

it's over for you with this self-cuckery
90% of men ARE incels or running beta cuck game or dating uglies. Im not self cucking i just answer to girls that talk to me and nothing happens. Also just LEL they re like this while imagining im better than irl since pics are cherry picked and i m a mess irl, shit posture , clothes, bad eye contact , blank states like i got visions or something since im so out of socials. Its fucking over im not even getting matches anymore on tinder and most of the others were trying to betacuck me and wont even give me their number to meet. Ill check the black when she comes back from paris and in the best case ill fuck her but it wont change a thing. Thanks for trying to cheer me up but i will only fall from higher when ill be facing the sad truth again.

what did you answered exactly? Do you even know the mentality of your own girls or are too aspie thinking they are like US sluts? 

you look better in normal lighting which is how you look to others , cope

you're selfcucked,you cry because you didnt match with 10/10 goddesses with your shit-tier basement dweller pics and you sperg out to matches that initiate convos  It's over