This is what happens when you try to cheat your genetic destiny

Jun 29, 2015


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[font=Georgia, Times, serif]Graff borrowed some of the descendents of the skinny fruit flies from Doane to take a closer look at their genetics. Sure enough, fruit flies with efficient copies of the adipose gene were very thin. Those with poorly functioning copies were pudgier.[/font]

[font=Georgia, Times, serif]If there was one good copy and one bad one, the flies were medium weight.[/font]
[font=Georgia, Times, serif]“The gene was more like a volume control rather than an on/off switch,” Graff says.[/font]
[font=Georgia, Times, serif]Graff and his colleagues wondered how good copies of the gene would impact survival in the wild. So they subjected the skinny flies to famine-like conditions. Not surprisingly, they did poorly. From an evolutionary perspective, this gene is the one that helps animals do well in affluent times — very much like the situation in western countries today, says Graff.[/font]
[font=Georgia, Times, serif]“In times of plenty, these super skinny, sleek and fast flies can easily get away from predators,” Graff adds. “But in times of shortage, they don’t make it.”[/font]
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