Jul 31, 2015
flesh said:
Ban cliques, ban attention whores, ban the "muh NT" brigade, ban anyone who believes in "game" or any of its variants. Anyone who denies LOOKS THEORY does not belong on a fucking forum called LOOKism. 

These rules would make the website improve tenfold, but it's not like the admins care about post/thread quality anyway.

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Dec 30, 2015
flesh said:
assburger said:
that thread was mostly me just making a point, that my situation has does so much mental damage that i wouldn't even enjoy it and my prime years which i should've been fuking in have been lost etc.
i have not been mentally stable as of late anyway and not everything i say is to be taken at face value.

i try talking to some tinder matches but it never gets anywhere because my text game is shit and i have nothing to talk about.
besides, like someone else mentioned, even if i get through that stage she will be turned off when we actually meet (not that i have a car) by how weird and socially awkward i am. there's also no way i cud get thru a date.

leaving the house wudn't help at this stage as i have no connections or anything and there's not rly places to meet single girls etc.
i'm fuked.. not being nt really is death. being decent looking isn't enough

my point is that u are bashing on me for focusing on autism etc. when those sites u apparently visit are composed primarily of autistic losers which is why they're there.
where does that leave u?

You don't understand Wizardchan's userbase. People there aren't autistic, they just don't want to have sex (although I guess that fits your definition of autism). They aren't there because they're "autistic losers" (i.e. socially awkward), they're there because they have no interest in women or slaying. 

You seem to think that that autists want to have sex, but can't because they're socially awkward. Being socially awkward might hold an average guy back from being a beta provider, but it will not stop a good looking guy from slaying, if of course he actually wants to. 

If being an autist INCLUDES not having a desire to have sex, then what's the problem? That would make autistic people voluntarily celibate.
If being an autist = socially awkward but wants to have sex, then no, wizardchan is not autistic by any means. Socially awkward people can be either incel or slayers, it's based entirely on their LOOKS. 

As for me personally I couldn't give a fuck about being called an autist, I don't claim to be either that or "NT". I just say that slaying is 100% looks.
This is simply not true. I know some decent to goodlooking aspie people in my environment, and I'm sure they will never have any chance of getting laid. These people have never had relationships. Once you get to know them a bit, you can tell for certain that they will never have any kind of succes. One of them did manage to get a relationship with a legit 1/10, but not many are willing to lower themselves to that.

And it's not because they don't want to. Although they do have high inhibition, this does NOT mean they are voluntarily celibate. It's just too damn hard for them. Brain damage in the social department coupled with high self awareness will turn any kind of female contact into a negative experience for them.

The reason why autists are so interested in looks, is because it's really the only thing they can make noticable improvement in. Social skills cannot be learned. So in the end all is futile, because the failo from the sperge is just too big.