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Things have become more difficult for ethnics in the west over the years.


Jul 5, 2015
I chatted with a Filipino friend of mines who told me how amazing some places in Europe used to be for ethnics, especially places like France where an average looking ethnic could get some Euro girls out of his league.

Then Muslim immigrants came along and started to harass women who taught that anyone that is remotely brown (latino, indian, etc.) is to be avoided. 

It seems like the 1990s were the best era to be an ethnic in the USA too, so many ethnic guys got by on niche game and got white HBBs but then something happened after the year 2005, now you practically have to be white to do well with good looking women. I even knew Mexicans and Asian guys in the 1990s that could get some decent white girls while these days the same guys would not have success with those girls.

Anyone wonder what happened?


Jun 30, 2015
In the 'west', aka America.(you know nothing of europe) You are fucking retarded and situations for ethnics have actually improved. Using a filipino as evidence is the most retarded thing, Filipinos are short and the tallest I've seen is 5'11. And trust me their are a tonne of filipinos in Australia. They are also very mexican looking, feminine and have feminine voices.

The only ethnics that have suffered are ARABS. That guy is deluded as fuck, France is known as a country that loves ethnics EXCEPT arabs, maybe its declining rapdily ATM due to recent terror attacks but I can tell you for sure Latinos and tanned men are not rejected. In fact France is known as the one country in western europe where Indians can actually have a chance, even the dark ones. ( Excluding the isles, dont even talk about them as a part of europe as they are too subhuman ). There was a legit pure french poster here IDK where he went, or if his thread got deleted he was here on the first few days of this forum and was in rate me, he had a lot of convos in shoutbox about this and said ethnics do fine here except arabs which we hate a lot.

Also lets talk about Britain now : British young heart throbs - 

I am not saying they are the top or anything, but show me guys from 10-20 years ago as fantasised by british jbs before them? ( The first one is Sicilian too btw which is considered pretty much half arab in terms of genes ). You can ask the trews, a fellow race obsessed moron like you and the pakis and niggers are fucking every white left and right there.

Also 100 ft journey which had an ethnic fucking a french girl did decently everywhere. There are a tonne of even half north african actors/athletes famous in France for their looks. Latinos that are considered good looking usually just look full Iberian or Med anyway... ( which are proven by various surveys to be ideal by EUROPE, even the subhuman brits ). Also did well in america btw...

You are so obsessed with race its retarded, race may give a 7 an advantage over another 7, but this situation itself is rare as 7s make up 10-15% of the population MAX. So all your useless race discussion is usually pointless, you are probably an oldcel that cant cope with reality seeing ethnics like Brazilians going to American places like Miami and California and FUCKING all the women. 

btw even america is becoming more friendly for ethnics, IDK if you consider blacks ethnics but mulattos ( LIGHT SKIN BLACKS ) are some of the biggest slayers in America. Like Chris Brown, even pure blacks are liked by white JBs now due to the rise of Rap becoming main stream in white suburbs.

I'll give you examples of how the rise of young heart throbs in America being ethnic, despite it being served to you on a platter in another thread. 

Taylor Lautner - Most popular guy from Twilight, aka the teenage JBs fantasy best selling movie. 

Avan Jogia, hearthrob of the most popular recent teen show that has launched the careers of prime JB sluts like Ariana Grnade and Victoria Justice. 

I wont even mention rise of ethnic based movies being high sellers like Life of Pi with ethnic actors at the helm...

Also if you want to talk about the older girls, Game of thrones and True Bloods popular men had ethnics in their ranks, Joe Magnaeillo and Pedro Pascal. 

 your race obsession is disgusting, the only race that has its reputation worsen is arabs. Latinos and other browns are anything but rising in America and Europe

/thread. hope it gets more posts so deluded aspies like you understand. Also you talk about Europe not liking browns, I personally think Ronaldos a 7 max which is high but not that high for being the most popular sportsman in Europe, possibly the world in looks.


May 26, 2020
Girls just hate Arab men and Islamic men