There's something I find incredible about straxcity


Jun 30, 2015
This guy's hair has been obliterated to shreds, wears a Lvl. 90 combover with a hat on top, and manages to stay calm and collected, knowing that his life is on the line and any wrong movement can game over you with no rematch. Just think about it, he has to predict girl's hand gestures and movements, he has to not overreact to every single hand gesture that casually may or not may end up on your head, displacing your perfectly fit hat and perfectly combed hair, displaying your faulty genetics. Every social interaction is a big russian roulette, and he seems to always win. How does he do this? That, I do not know.

This, coupled with his mastery on his own facial muscles to perfectly squint and put a sexy grin on every single picture, definitely makes him a remarkable individual.