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The virgin cuban sugarcane picker vs the chad spanish noble


world defying divine source
Sep 19, 2017
 El virgen guajiro cubano
[video=youtube]- obsessed with ugly fat korean girl who doesn't even like him
- is literally delusional from all the antidepressants he takes
- fasts for like a week and only loses like only one pound LOL
- t levels of 13 year old girl
- Has a creepy asian fetish 
- wishes he was white
- avatar is an ugly ethnik nobody
- Insanely narcissistic and arrogant
- talks about ascending constantly yet actively does everything he can to prevent it

El Chad Principe de Andalusia
[video=youtube]- literally incapable of liking women that don't like him back 
- lives in objective reality no matter how brutal it may be, doesn't know what coping even is
- insanely shredded at like 10% bodyfat simply from eating a high-quality diet 
- Doesn't have an asian fetish, so hi tea he will literally fuck anything that moves including black trannies
- embraces ethnik features with pride and fucking owns it
- avatar is badass jackal god of the underworld
- understands the virtue of humility, wants to let his actions speak for themselves
- works towards ascension every day, literally willing to sacrifice anything to achieve his goals