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The reasons black males slay no matter what


Jun 29, 2015
  • If a girl is angry at someone, like father, brother, boss or society, they're gonna go for the nearest black guy (luck theory)
  • Taboo factor, it's their way to exercise in their primitive brains their "freedom"
  • Primitive factor, women are sexually attracted to the idea of a primitive man pounding them into the dirt.
If Asian guys or Nerdics were subconsciously associated with primitivism for the past 500 years, they would slay too.

You legit cannot go wrong as a black guy, whereas if a white guy or Asian guy, if you are studious and hard working, you're just setting yourself up to be cucked. If you beta provide, the woman will be attracted to a bad boy. So black guys can literally just hang around and attract sluts for doing absolutely nothing.