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The problem with "just be confident" for ugly guys

Jul 16, 2015
The problem is that a conversation takes TWO people for it to work. You can be as confident as you like, but if someone is giving you one word answers and negative body language, then no interaction is going to work. I once watched a babyfaced manlet nerd trying to be cool and funny with some jocks, during the first few weeks at my college dorm last year. I didn't matter what he said, the jocks just gave him once word answers laced with sarcasm and snarkiness. He eventually gave up and hung out with the incel outcast group. 

This was a prime example of how every social interaction you have is largely shaped by your LMS. As long as you aren't autistic or severley socially deficient, then the problem is likely not your personality, but rather your LMS. This is why people of similar LMS usually cluster together, eg the jocks and hot girls, and the ugly group. It's brutally hard for people to accept that being unattractive looking and low status is the main reason why they struggle to fit in socially.

Baron Anon

Jul 4, 2015
legit, its even funny how hotter girls form their own group and ugly chicks form their own group