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The overblown fictional boogeyman that women like to bash on - nice guys


Jul 6, 2015
Being nice for the purpose of getting sex. The ultimate "taboo" that women will attempt to prove the nerds they're shitting on to be guilty of. But see, there's only one problem. Even if it were true, and most of the time it isn't, there would still be absolutely nothing wrong with it. Not in the slightest, and we're going to examine why:

Proposition: Both males and females sometimes want to have casual sex, and maybe experience the physical affection associated with it as well. Sex in our society is rarely a matter of straightforward request with a stranger, there is a courting game involved. Methods must be devised to obtain it. And all of them, especially in hookup environments, are done with only one goal in mind - to convince the other person to have sex with you

Apparently, since being courteous or trying to make the other person feel flattered and respected is "dishonest" and wrong, we must ask ourselves which methods are honest and right. Being cocky? Showing off your abs? Acting assertive and charismatic? Cracking jokes? Making witty sexual innuendos? Are any of those less insidious and manipulative than being nice? The underlying premise is that it's wrong it's done not genuinely but only to get laid. But hold on a moment there, what about all the other ways? Is Chad polishing his masculine charms and charisma just because he deiced that he wants to entertain you, out of the generosity of his heart? Would he continue making you laugh if you told him you have no intention of ever having sex with him?

To remedy this logical loophole, another false argument needs to be introduced. That if someone is being nice to someone they want to have sex with, then they MUST be horrible people all the rest of the time. It's like saying just because someone is a little extra charismatic when he talks to a potential partner, he has to be completely unresponsive and cold whenever he's not trying to get sex. As if it's impossible for someone to be generally nice, be as nice as possible to those they want to share intimacy with, and still be nice afterwards.

So now that we've talked about why acting nice to someone, if it's indeed so dishonest and immoral, would be just as dishonest or immoral as any other behavior enhanced to win the affection of a partner, let's conclude why it isn't dishonest nor immoral -per se-.

I assume, that most of the whining about being nice in order to make your subject of affection feel good and in turn more receptive to you, comes from women, and some men, who are if not outright feminists, at least of the more liberal persuasion. So, we're going to speak in sexually liberal terms for the basis of this refutation. The underlying reason for demonizing niceness as a way to have sexual relations, is that you're "exploiting" or tricking them for sex. As if sex was a commodity, that diminishes a woman's value when given, and thus you are doing something heinous by trying to "rob her" of sex with nice gesture, like trying to take money from someone by sucking up to them. But feminists and sexual liberation teach us that's incorrect. That there is nothing momentous about sex, that sex is not a commodity traded by women, that it's just a fun mutual activity between adults. But judging from the immense hate against "Nice Guys", is it really?

Scenario: Jimmy is visiting his local hobby shop, when he sees a group of people sitting around a table nearby and playing D&D. Jimmy likes D&D, and thinks it would be great if he could join, but he's a bit shy. As he ponders his decision, he overhears the DM and the group remarking they're a bit thirsty, and he remembers that he bought a six-pack of beer at the grocery store not long ago. He asks the DM if he can join and offers to share the beers, the DM gratefully agrees and Jimmy settles down to play, while being nice and attentive to the other players, and at the end of the session cultivating friendships with some of them and being invited to their next meetup.

Jimmy has improved his chances of engaging in a fun mutual activity with other people by being particularly nice to them. Is Jimmy dishonest, manipulative or immoral? Is he necessarily a pretentious horrible person? And what if he saw a girl at the bar, instead of the nerds at the D&D group?

So what have we learned today? Even the strawman of the "Nice Guy" that nice men are always accused of, is in fact STILL completely unworthy of any criticism. Being really nice to someone you want to have sex with has no less dishonesty than being really confident or really funny, nor is it immoral in and of itself. It does have a *disadvantage* though, which we'll discuss now.

So why girls hate it so much? Why does it not get you laid? Simply because they are unattracted to it, not because it's more deplorable than anything else. It isn't as entertaining or as exciting as cocky bad boys or flirtatious casanovas. And even if you have a decent or average amount of those other qualities, they will still be ignored if you are being very nice, because females are biologically ingrained to be disgusted by everything which doesn't radiate aggressiveness, dominance and masculinity. That's why we don't see any raving blogs about "Nice Girls", despite being astronomically more common than nice guys when it comes to mating techniques. Would you care less if the girl who wants to have sex with you is doing so by being nice?


Jul 7, 2015
Isn't the whole "women want jacked alpha bbcs" kind of a redpill cuck fantasy? L > all this other bullshit. They would be fine with henry cavill being nice to them.

The reason they don't like nice guys is:

1. some are legit psychos, e.g. the autist incel psychos on this site that dox each other and try to cuck people on instagram, that would probably act 'nice' if they ever met a girl.

2. you also got the legit borderline passive aggressive weirdos, which cloak themselves under a veil of niceness.

3. and his is a big one, it's kind of awkward to shoot down a clingy nice guy, they wished they would just NOT even try to pursue her for relationship/sex, so they shame the fuck out of 'nice guys' in the hopes they don't even hit on her.

the last category is probably the big one from an organized propaganda perspective. it's like if guy's as a gender had a big problem with fat girls hitting on them, if we were smart and shrewd and organized like women, we'ed probably talk about it a lot publically and make a media campaign about how 'unathletic girls are too pushy' to reduce the wave of fat girls hitting on us.