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The only reason Indians are stereotyped as incels is because western exposure to them is not good.

Dec 8, 2020
Indians aren't necessarily always fucked but MOST Indians have the following traits which fucks them:
1. Bug eyes
For some reason a fuck ton of Indians have terrible orbital bones, a solid 50% of Indians have bug eyes it's actually insane. Someone pointed it out once and I always notice it now
2. No face bones in general
Indians tend to be very potato faced in general where they have just round as fuck faces and their midface is super flat
3. Very bad bodyfat/muscle genetics
Indians tend to store very little fat on their arms but a ton on their torso. They also are predisposed to being skinny fat but thats probably because vegetarian diets tend to be bad for muscle building unless you specifically focus on eating 150g+ of protein per day

Basically if an Indian can genetically manage to avoid having bug eyes and he exercises a lot then he has a chance not too far off from your average latin guy to be a high tier normie