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The Most Unique and Freethinking Asian

Dec 18, 2015
And here's what he has to write about American black women:

Have you all noticed that one of the most annoying things about America is that you see lots of fat degenerate black women who look like trash, yet they have this bitchy, entitlement attitude, as if they were worth something, when in reality they look like low class garbage. lol. Don't you hate that? It looks so delusional and out of proportion. I mean their attitude and what they are, don't match at all. lol. Know what I mean? lol
Do these fat degenerate black women really think they are "equal" to everyone, just because liberals and Obama say so? lol. Do they really think they are equal to refined classy aristocratic white men with upper class mannerisms, taste and education? lol. Do they really think they are equal with graceful, elegant, feminine-looking white or asian women? lol. If so, they are so delusional. How could anyone see those things as "equal" just because liberals and Obama say so? lol

This is a politically incorrect thing to say, but true. At least 99.99 percent of Asians are pure conformists and followers with no independent free thought. To them, authority = truth, majority = right, and conformity = security.
" have never in my life seen an Asian guy with such a brilliant, philosophical mind..." [size=medium]Steve Hocahttp://www.youtube.com/SteveHoca[/size]