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The Mike Mew Bible

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Mike Mew bible 2:2

Thus the Nosebreathers and the Mouthbreathers were completed, and all their chewing and tongue thrusting.

By the seventh day Mike Mew completed His tongue thrusting which He had done, and He chewed on the seventh day from all His tongue thrusting which He had done.

Then Mike Mew blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His chewing and tongue thrusting which Mike Mew had created and made.

-The Mike Mew bible

Mike Mew bible 4:4

For somewhere he has spoken about the seventh day in these words: "On the seventh day Mike Mew rested from all his Chewing and tongue thrusting."

-The Mike Mew bible

Mike Mew bible 4:10

for anyone who follows Mike Mew's lessons also rests from their chewing and tongue thrusting, just as Mike Mew did from his.

-The Mike Mew bible

Repent incels, Mike Mew is your only hope only he can DELIVER US.

Accept incels, Accept Mike Mew as your savior.



Sep 28, 2015
How does Mewism compare to Islam in terms of its treatment of apostates and its laws against blasphemy? Am I allowed to leave Mewism and criticize it without fear of death?

Or will I be buried in a hole and have retainers and palate-expanders thrown at me until I die by Lookism members if I dare reject his teachings?