the looks fallacy (LOGIC)


Nov 16, 2015
Every bluepilled guy out there wants to believe you should relay on attracting women with your personality and minimal looks while redpillers believe you should relay on attracting women with your looks and minimal personality.

What bluepillers fail to understand is that it is a turn off for women when a man tries to work for her validation.. and essentially everything you do in terms of utilizing your personality equates to you trying to validate yourself to her in some way. Whether youre trying to be funny, outgoing, etc all  these things equate to you working for her validation and approval so you can get laid when almost everyone can agree it should be the other way around. Its a womans nature to qualify herself to a man not the other way around and it looks something like this. Its no surprise that women have learned to use their pussy as leverage to get free dinner dates but when a woman sees a man she is highly physically attracted to, all that shit goes out the window and she gets to work trying to qualify herself to him immediately!! every single woman on this earth understands the moment they give sex to a guy they transfer the power over to guy.. so women have learned they can hold the power by making THE MAJORITY of guys take them on multiple dates before they give sex.. however every single woman on this planet will give up pussy same night to a man who she perceives is above her GENETICALLY  

 it looks something like this 


Now the fallacy is you CANT rely on personality without trying to qualify yourself to her in some way. every "personality tactic" a guy uses to try and attract/"game" women always comes off as try hard since we already agreed its her job to qualify herself to the man she is interested in.. it can never be the other way around! YOU HAVE TO NOT CARE.. THAT IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET WOMEN. The moment she thinks you care and are using "personality" tactics to qualify yourself to her, is the moment she loses any attraction. ANYTHING you do in regards to your personality will be seen as you trying to qualify yourself to her. The less you do, the more you are wanted... and just about everyone will agree with that statement including bluepillers and women

 but wait a second, if you trying to USING your personality to attract her, you are TRYING to hard already have lost the power since you cant "use" anything to attract women!

so this begs the question, how is it possible to not try at all and still have a woman chase you? well the answer to this question is to just be good looking! when youre good looking you arent "using" anything.. and that is why women go for men who DONT TRY. THEY ARENT TRYING TO USE ANY TRICKS.... no "personality" tactics or no bullshit.. your value is derived from the only thing that matters.. YOU