The level of subhumanity at my university is deplorable


Jan 25, 2016
Cliffs before rant:

I'm low conscientiousness but now suspect above average IQ.
- Mother was high IQ, got into a top uni when only 10% got in, and went to grammar school
-Father may have diluted this as I suspect he is low IQ, but now think he might just be aspie and lazy, (most couples are IQ matched)
- Brother attended top uni
- Have seen high class high IQ's first hand.

The difference between the students at a mediocre university and a top Russell Group university is astounding, I'm 5'11 and I heightmog about 75% of people  :giggle:  , whereas I always dreaded seeing my brothers high class uni friends as they were all at least 6ft, average probably 6'1  :mad:

The women there are shit, attractive women are few and far between.

Ethnikks galore.


Last year I turned up to one lesson and no lectures for two modules and got first class honours in the module  :giggle:  Whilst these other fags are so diligent, turning up to every fucking lecture scribbling down notes and shit, wish I wasn't such a lazy fucker. I'm legit genetically lazy, always have been, never bothered with anything. Low dopamine crew.