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The Hollywood actress who had her hairline moved up to look more northern European


Feb 2, 2016
When Rita Hayworth first appeared in Hollywood she had a very low hairline which took away from her beauty, and elegance of features.

If one looks at the photo on the right, I think it is clear that her only imperfection is her hairline, covering too much of her forehead, and having no distinct shape.

She had electrolysis treatments for over one year with dramatic and excellent results.

In fact, I have never seen such a beautiful and sculpted hairline in my life, as that of Rita Hayworth after her treatments. What was once her worst feature became one of her absolute best features.

There were no complications with the treatments. The skin was never burned, and the hair that was removed never grew back. Hayworth was left with the ideal, perfect hairline, accentuating the beauty of her hair, and face.