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The government is WHY females can fuck Chads ALL DAY WITH NO CONSEQUENCES


Jul 6, 2015
The effects of the free-market are the same wherever they take place. Just like an laissez-faire economy will see the wealth and resources being accumulated by a few ambitious and industrious men, a laissez-faire sexuality will see the pussy and resources being accumulated by a few Chads.

Now, if you at least keep both the economical and the sexual market free, you can arrange things in such a way that the women, without government-sanctioned transfers from males to females such as affirmative action and gender quotas, would depend on hardworking beta males for security and therefore keep things more equal. But in a market both sexually free and economical regulated (NOW!), hardworking beta males are fucked two times over. Having their money stolen to pay for women's promiscuity at the same time that promiscuity is spent exclusively with Chad, Jamal and Tyrone.

All taxpayers are cuckolds to Chad and Tyrone.