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The Gladiator game


Jun 30, 2015
this whole lms matrix is a gladator arena whee you are forced to kill and endure pain just to get some crack at the end.the hope of crack keeps you alive.its like a casino where they take all your money and only give you enough wins to keep you there to spend all your money seeking that high again,only to end up broke and commit harakiri in your hotel room.

yet you incels dont get it.

stop it.

opt out.refuse to play.you dont have to play this saw like game.the end reward is worth nothing and youll see that if you even get a whiff.

castrate yourselves.get a low paying job.seek hobbies that are fun.smoke ganjah.

there are other things besides this hellish oneupmanship we call lms.stop it guys.for your own good.