The evolutionary origins of cuckoldry

Jan 19, 2016
The penis is designed by natural selection to scoop other mens sperm out of the vagina. If a woman has just been fucked, then the likelihood of your jizz fertilizing her in the coming months is lower than baseline. This is because she might conceive by the man who fucked her, preventing you from fertilizing her for the next 9 months. By fucking her after she has just gotten fucked, you can increase the chance that she will not conceive from someone else's jizz, and thus increase the probability that you will eventually impregnate her in the coming 9 months. This assumes that there is any likelihood of fucking her on a regular basis in the future.

The reason this is important is that all of the future 9 months of fucking sum to a large potential for impregnating this woman. So even a slight reduction of the probability that a woman will conceive by another man in one instance has a large effect on your potential to ever impregnate her. This is why some men have oneitis and will fuck one woman frequently over a long period of time. He is invested in her and future fucking is summed in subconscious calculations that determine his sexual attraction to her. He has literally gotten addicted to fucking other mens sperm out of his woman's vagina.

However, this does not happen to slayers, because they don't care about all of the future fucking with that one woman (or few women). They can have it if they want, or they can have it from 20 other women. If one girl gets pregnant, they just switch her out and bring another one in. When they subconsciously calculate how much effort to put into fucking a particular woman, potentially fucking her for the next 9 months is not summed up in their heads.

Thus, degree of attraction to women who have just gotten fucked, and thus potential for oneitis, is a metric that adapts to a person's sexual rank. Slayers don't feel attracted to a woman who has just gotten fucked, because all it means is that their sperm will be mixed with someone else's. A cuck will feel attracted to a woman with jizz oozing out of her snatch, because he's working on her.

Cuckoldry is so advanced that it subconsciously makes calculations based on your mating potential.


King of Chads
Mar 20, 2016
cuckoldry is a natural mechanic for the facilitation of chad genetic survival and the extinction of cuck genes.

if you ever find yourself gravitating towards cuckoldry whether in the bedroom, in daily life, in politics, or ideology, it means your genetics are not meant to be passed on.