The cause of the economic collapse = black and brown people


Jun 29, 2015
springfield said:
the shirt he's wearing was made by a brown person.
Exactly. What an Uncle Tom.

Just because brown people are paid lowly wages, doesn't mean they don't produce anything of value. What value does Gordon Gekko provide to society? All he does is buy and sell stocks. He doesn't actually produce anything. He's a fucking parasite. It just means that there is a large surplus brown labour supply worldwide for the "rentier" first world corporations to exploit. When supply outstrips demand, price goes down. Labour is no exception to this rule.

If the brown and black races make a more concerted effort to compete with white people for higher-paid jobs, you know what inevitable happens? A downward pressure is put on wages for those higher-paid jobs. Why do you think so many American IT professionals, engineers, finance professionals have got laid off in America? Because American corporations can just import a qualified, educated Indian who is willing to work for less to do the same job.

At the end of the day, the end result is a race-to-the-bottom. Labour competes with each other to sell themselves at the lowest possible price point to the rentiers. How can this be considered anything but wage slavery?


Jun 30, 2015
Dark people being destroyers isn't even true in every case. Ironically in India the darkest are generally the Cceative, the makers, while the whitest are traditionally the destroyers. White intellectuals in India tend to engage in religion, whereas darkies are fond of technology and of the practical aspect of science.

 Mohenjo Daro and Harappa were inhabited by rather dark and miscegenated people, at least by looking at their sculpture, and these two cities were marvelously functional in all respects. The White Aryans came from the North and everything crumbled exactly in the same way when now Nigerians or Pakis are invading neighborhoods in London, but with the colors reversed.

The same thing repeated later on at various times in Indian history: one of the most prosperous times in more recent Indian history was the Shaivite Renaissance, it was marked by the return to preeminence of various darker people and  through the loosening of the caste system.


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Jul 22, 2015
Yep, the race of the people determines the quality of the society/nation. More and more people are starting to agree to this now (again, in history), even ethnics themseleves starts to humble themseleves and realise the truth.